Irma's Story

Irma's Kitchen is located at 15th Avenue and Roosevelt Street, and althought it's only a year old, Irma has been cooking for 14 years with the dream of having her own restaurant. That dream became a reality and now she runs Irma's Kitchen with the help of her children. Irma started cooking as a child. She was always in the kitchen when her grandmother would cook. When she cam eo teh U.S. from Guatemala, she did not know any English. She was having trouble finding a job when she finally landed one as a dishwasher. She worked her way up to part-time cook when the restaurant cook didn't show up one day. Irma saved her money to open Irma's Kitchen and prides herself on her breakfast burritos, chicken mole and tacos.



"Irma is the real deal. The breakfast burritos (all 16 of them!) were a huge hit with my customer in Phoenix. " - - C.J. L.
This little spot with comfort food will satisfy your soul. Great food, great prices and the owner and her staff are inviting." - - Daniel M.
"Don't let the outside appearance scare you away (or even the inside appearance). This is a gem. We drove by once and a few minutes later decided it was time for lunch. Yelp brought us back to this place. Two lunches, chips and salsa for under $25. A nice idea to let people leave notes on the wall. Look for mine!" - Doug K.



Irma's Kitchen was rated the #3 Mexican restaurant in Phoenix by ABC News